With 9500+ users, and 28000+ defined devices, available in 12 Amazon Alexa markets, English and German locales for Google Assistant (other markets/ locales to follow), Node-RED Smart Home Control enables you to quickly bring voice-control to your Node-RED flows, using Amazon Alexa and/ or Google Assistant.

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Node-RED Smart Home Control is an open source, free to use service. There is no warranty or support, implied or otherwise and the creators and contributors of this service and/ or related website are not responsible for any issues arising from it’s use, including loss or damage relating to equipment, property, injury or life. You consume this service at your own risk.

Key Features

  • Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support, either enabled individually or in parallel.
  • Support for a large array of device types including blinds, smart plugs, lights, thermostats (see more here).
  • Supports “out of band” state updates (from physical or other automated device interactions) whilst providing real-time visibility of device state across Smart Assistant applications.

Regional Restrictions


There are Alexa restrictions based on region/ locale, Amazon publish and update their region-specific restrictions here.

Supported Capabilities

Alexa Interface Google Trait
Brightness Controller Brightness
Channel Controller Experimental (number only)
Color Controller ColorSetting
Color Temperature Controller ColorSetting
Contact Sensor None
Input Controller None
Lock Controller Experimental*
Motion Sensor None
Playback Controller Experimental
Percentage Controller None
Power Controller OnOff
Range Controller OpenClose (Support for Blinds/ Awning only)
Scene Controller Scene
Speaker Controller Experimental
Step Speaker Controller None
Temperature Sensor None
Thermostat Control (Single Point) Temperature Setting